Self-adhesive film

Modern advertising techniques gladly have adopted advances in polymers manufacturing. Different types of film today act as important promotional carrier, and a remarkable decorative tool. The invention of such type of film as the adhesive film added facilities when using this material.

A wide range of films, as well as their excellent performance characteristics contributed to the spread of the material in various areas of production. The film labels and stickers have become common. This material is used for producing the advertising graphics as a carrier of information, when making plaques, display cases, transport, etc.

First of all, the film provides great opportunities for applying high-quality image with various printing technique. Picture or text on film turns clear and bright, remaining so for a long time.

Significantly, that the products of self-adhesive films have high durability and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Depending on the needs of consumer the different types of film may have various adhesive layers, which can ensure extremely reliable adhesion of sticker or label, or can provide easy removal.

In general the films are divided into cast and calendered, which in turn can be polymeric and monomeric. Due to differences in the manufacturing process there is the main difference between the cast and calendered films which is that the cast films, unlike the calendered don't have residual stress. This property allows you to apply a calendered tape on a flat surface, while the cast may be applied for sticking on difficult surfaces.

Self-adhesive film according to its characteristics, can be:

  • matte and glossy;
  • coloured, white and clear;
  • a thickness of 50 to 175 microns.

The self-adhesive film distinguishes with flexibility, it well suited for application on various surfaces, can be used at various temperatures, it is water resistant, can be easily removed without leaving residues. If it is assumed that the product of the film will be exposed to aggressive influences for a long time, additional laminating of surface can be applied.

A wide variety of self-adhesive films provides great opportunities for application. For example, the clear films look great on the glass in the form of various promotional stickers, informational stickers, outdoor advertising. The clear film labels are widely used on the glass bottles and containers. Stickers are applied in packaging the food and nonfood (household chemicals) items. Coloured self-adhesive film is perfectly applied on various surfaces and packages of the goods as information stickers or labels. Increased durability and lifespan of the film allows applying it for labelling products with long shelf life.

Various types of film are widely used for manufacturing of promotional products. Using clear films for advertising light constructions allows achieving unexpected visual effects. Film stickers are applied for manufacturing stands, showcases, for decorating interiors, exhibitions, and transport vehicles. Our company offers a wide range of services for the manufacturing the self-adhesive film products. We will create the layout and produce promotional posters, labels and stickers from film designed for usage in various conditions.

Self-adhesive paper

Modern manufacturing be focused on the maximum speed-up of all technological operations and processes. It's no wonder that the gradual transition from time-consuming techniques to more fast and accurate is taking place. For example, manufacturers of various products abandon dry adhesive labels in favor of self-adhesive labels which can significantly speed up the process of labelling the goods. Among the various self-adhesive materials paper is still very popular. Self-adhesive paper is a high-tech product which consists of three layers. The image is applied to the face layer of paper; there is an adhesive layer on the reverse side which is protected with backing paper. The backing paper can be easily removed and the sticker is attached to the desired surface.

Self-adhesive paper is universal material which can be used for papering various surfaces and can be applied for labelling a wide variety of food and non-food items. In addition, printing on self-adhesive paper is widely used for making different promotional or informational stickers, price tags, signs, etc.

Printing company has a wide variety of self-adhesive paper and adhesives. The paper can be in different colours and has a matt, glossy or semi-glossy surface.

The matt self-adhesive paper is suitable for use in the rooms with strong lighting, because it doesn't reflect glares and light. It doesn't fit for outdoor use because the material is not waterproof. The glossy paper has the property of making colours more bright and intense, so it can be used in dimly lit places, but also not suitable for outdoor use. The adhesive for self-adhesive paper to provide different requirements to the durability and strength of bonding. Permanent adhesive provides extremely strong bond with the surface, and removable adhesive will allow you to easily separate the sticker. In addition there are a range of special adhesives that can withstand low temperatures, adhere to the specific surface or if it is necessary to be washed off.

An image can be applied on the self-adhesive paper in different ways using different printing technologies.

The best combination of colour and paper weight, size and shape of sticker with unique and original images allow us to produce self-adhesive labels which are used in various industrial fields. Our team of experts will certainly offer you a variety of options for printing labels, stickers or stamps on self-adhesive paper and will help you to do the best choice.

Labels on self-adhesive paper may varify in size and shape. We can produce different types of label: from small labels for marking products or file folder labels to miniposters and posters. In addition, we will offer manufacturing labels in different shapes.

Today the area of paper stickers' application is extremely diverse. Paper labels are widely used on food, for labelling packages and containers; paper is also used for manufacturing seal stickers and stickers with the barcode, or additional information about the product. Stickers on paper are commonly used both in office, for example, for business correspondence, and in everyday life. But self-adhesive paper became the most popular in the advertising industry. All kinds of advertisements, stickers with logo labels captured the public transport, billboards and public places.

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