Semi-gloss paper label Semi-gloss paper label

Semi-gloss paper label is the most common option among the paper labels. If a client doesn't say exactly that he needs matte paper, printing establishments use semi-gloss paper in most cases.

Paper label is one of the most common because of its lower price and wide range of applications (of course let's not forget that if there are special requirements for the adhesive, the cost of paper labels will be higher).

A paper label is very widely used, for example, in the baking industry — where price of labels is visible in the cost structure of the product itself. Paper label is often the most optimal choice for the labels on cartonboard boxes (packing boxes), for printing the barcodes, for additional markings (in addition to the basic label).

Matte paper labels

These labels are similar to the labels on semi-gloss paper in its properties and fields of application. As a general rule, when they talk about the matte paper, they mean the matte image.

UV inks which are used in most cases of flexographic printing possess a glossy effect. Therefore, in order to get a matte image, just matte varnish with the usual semi-gloss paper is used.

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