Labels for cosmetics and perfumery products Labels for cosmetics and perfumery products


There are different methods of producing labels that appeal customers: varnishing, hot stamping, stencil painting, or foil stamping. Self-adhesive labels are made of polyethylene and polypropylene and they don’t unstuck by the action of high humidity, temperature drop or mechanical and chemical influences. Such utilitarian materials will be hold onto the vial in the spa, in the bathroom, and the hot sweat bath.

Producing labels for cosmetics and perfumery products manufacturer uses bright colours. This is due to the fact that every company strives to create the most attractive and original product. And the label can help to solve this problem and attract more customers to buy products. Modern technologies will help to realize any designer's fantasy.

The label not only helps to appeal customer’s attention but also solve the problem of identification of goods and stock accounting. Thanks to identification the product is easily inventoried, because there is no need to search for the name or the serial number in the paper database. Modern marking of goods, for example, the using of barcode and stock keeping unit, forms an effective monitoring system and reduces significantly the percentage of shoplifting.

Thus, the application of labels can solve the next tasks:

  • highlight your product among other products;
  • make a product bright and recognizable;
  • marking will help to protect your goods from counterfeit;
  • accelerate the search for the appropriate product during the stocktaking;
  • keep tabs on goods quickly and efficiently.

In addition, the label contains information about the content of the product, its shelf life, application sheet for some products, and also helps manufacturers and sellers to keep track of the product. It can be plastic or paper, self-adhesive or ingot. It can be standard or extended format, with the effect of “No label” look or it can have an original design – like butterfly wings, booklet, and reusable pressure sensitive labels. Sometimes manufacturer can’t put all necessary information on the common label, in such cases they use double sided or multi-layer label.

If the consumer has noticed the product and took it in his hands, he would buy it with a probability of 80 per cent.

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