Self-adhesive food label Self-adhesive food label


Application of custom food labels:

  • Delivery of transient data during the printing of Thermal labels
  • Brand products from global and regional exclusive suppliers
  • Price marking for a wide range of retail goods
  • Marking of fruits and vegetables
  • Marking of cooled drinks
  • Carrying out special promotions using vouchers coupons, brochures with recipes and other means of improving sales
  • Additional products protection by using tamper evident security stickers
  • Preservation of fresh product due to multiple sealing

The adhesive layer on a substrate can be enhanced to allow one to remove the label easily. It will also be suited for deep freeze of the product.

The usage of the modern technologies of delineation while printing self-adhesive labels delivers excellent durability and image clarity, brightness of colours that will not change for a long time under different storage conditions.

The professional skills and technical capabilities of Sticker allow you to print high quality self-adhesive labels of different configurations.

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