Self-adhesive labels on household chemicals products Self-adhesive labels on household chemicals products


The label put on the product is always designed taking into account the characteristics of the goods, special requirements for storage conditions and usage of products. In addition to the aesthetic appearance and eye-catching design, the label should be able to save information during the entire time of use of the product, and to meet special storage conditions.

Household chemicals are a specific type of goods which requires careful attention to transportation, warehousing, conditions of storage and usage. Household chemicals, as a rule, include aggressive chemical compounds, and distinguish itself with long term storage and usage; they are often placed in the flexible plastic bottles, and subjected to deformation during storage. These features put forward specific demands on materials for label printing and peculiarities of application of an image.

Household chemical manufacturers prefer the self-adhesive label film, which fully satisfy the requirements for household chemicals labels. First of all, the opportunity to put the label on the product without additional use of adhesives is much more convenient and faster way than sticking "dry" labels. Due to opportunity of applying the film of greater thickness, the label is quite durable to mechanical impact, resistant to deformation and damage. The application of special printing technologies on self-adhesive labels provides great appearance, durability, intensity and brightness of the image.
Low cost of self-adhesive label producing and moderate price of sticking equipment allow you to spend the budget wisely.

In addition, self-adhesive labels depending on the used adhesive composition can be very firmly adhered to the base or can be easily removed from the package surface.

Considering that the products of this group often contain aggressive components, the surface of the label must be securely protected from damage. Film label with appropriate protection has exceptional resistance to a variety of masks, paints, acids and alkalis. You should take into account that, as a rule, when using household chemicals it is necessary to compress or squeeze the product package, but the label should remain undamaged and continue to fulfill its information function. Self-adhesive film labels are perfectly suitable to do the task.

Our company offers label printing services for household chemicals in accordance with the product features and characteristics of the package. Our experts will recommend you the most suitable variant of material for the label production, and adhesive composition with suitable properties. A unique combination of label material, shape, size and pattern design will surely make the goods recognizable and popular.

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