Self-adhesive labels and stickers with barcode Self-adhesive labels and stickers with barcode


In this age of speed encoding information in graphical form allowed us to significantly speed up the process of accounting for stocked, shipped and sold goods. In addition, barcode system ensures a higher accuracy in processing of data, reduces the role of human factor when entering information, facilitates the process of product identification, data collection and other kinds of work. Automation of warehouse accounting, the ability to easily control the left over stock and quantity of the sold product did the barcoding of goods irreplaceable in the field of trade.

Today there are many different systems of coding goods, which must comply with international standards; and a system for assigning unique barcodes to trade items is developed. In any case, the coding of the product nowadays is the ability to simplify inventory accounting and speed up customer service.

Our company offers services in manufacturing self-adhesive labels with barcode. The application of barcode label on trade item will allow assigning a unique code to it, which will greatly facilitate its identification and inventory accounting in the future.

Depending on what surface barcode will be adhesive on, printing technique and material may differ significantly. The method of manufacturing and selection of material for the label also depend on the time period during which the label must work, as well as the environmental conditions at which the product has to be stored.

Characteristics of the package or product on which barcode has to be placed, special requirements for temperature, humidity and shelf life of the product allow our experts to help you make the right choice of material (paper or polymeric compound) for manufacturing labels and recommend the way of application information (thermal printing or thermal transfer method).

A thermal printing method is used for printing on self-adhesive paper. The image is applied in accordance with international standards for applying barcode and can be read with a scanner. In addition to the barcode label may contain additional information about the product, the manufacturer's logo, company details, etc. Although paper thermal labels with a barcode have fairly low cost, but their lifespan is not very lasting. The printed image fades over time, and the barcode loses contrast under the influence of sunlight, high humidity or abrasion. This printing method is suitable if the barcode has to be applied to the goods, which will be stored for less than several months.

Thermal transfer printing method allows you to put the image not only on paper but also on various other self-adhesive materials (cardboard, polypropylene, polyethylene), on the polymeric textile materials (nylon, polyester, satin, etc.). This printing method allows you to use multiple colours, and durability printing makes possible a long lifetime of the products with labels. In addition, thermal transfer printing makes possible to print labels with continuous numbering.

As soon as you give to our experts the maximum amount of information about the features of product, packaging, method and time of storage, you can expect that the required number of labels with barcode will be made in the shortest time possible.

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