Labels for manufactured goods Labels for manufactured goods

They often use pressure-sensitive labels to identify manufactured goods. Pressure sensitive labels are popular in part because they’re so easy in application. In addition, stickers are convenient to use for storage, labeling, and other necessary operations. Product labeling is very important in manufacturing, and in this case labels are irreplaceable. Usually such labels are produced on flexographic printing presses with the use of standard manufacturing process.
There are several types of labels of manufactured goods:

  • ready to use adhesive labels for marking manufactured goods;
  • semi-finished objects manufactured in 2 Stage.

On the first stage these labels are manufactured in rolls with die-cutting and applying general information including barcodes, logos and names. On the second stage of manufacturing the customer adds individual information on labels by thermal transfer or ink jet printer. Product introduction with the fixed and variable information requires different manufacturing processes. If you produce price tags for marking manufactured goods you should follow fixed process chain to obtain the required final result. In addition, each order of labels could have their own special needs, so we considered them individually, identifying more efficient and fast solutions and process optimization.

The printing on the flexographic equipment allows achieving high-quality and vivid print for a short time. This technology has long been mastered by our company Sticker to produce labels for manufactured goods, and we constantly improve and develop it.

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