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Pharmaceutical labels belong to promotional group. Ready to use remedy, packed and marked, should pass additional sterilization. So there are very tough requirements to the label materials.

Pharmaceutical labels must withstand the impact of hot steam, steam, they should not melt and unstuck. And the paint on the labels should not bleed. Storage conditions of many dosage forms demand the cold thermal regime. It must be borne in mind producing labels for the pharmaceutical industry. Besides the temperature drop, pharmaceutical labels materials should be resistant to chemical reactions. The interaction of the label material with the packaging material is totally unacceptable as well as their interpenetration, and any other reactions.

The paper labels, the plastic labels, and the pressure sensitive labels are used in the pharmacy industry. Apart of their size and material, they need to contain important information, such as:
- official product name;
- active and inactive ingredients;
- manufacture date;
- barcode, which carries significant information about the launch date and lifespan.
Pharmaceutical labels and stickers are mostly small. Even the smallest labels, used for marking capsules and ampoules, must be clearly stamped.

Pharmaceutical pressure sensitive labels are very convenient. They are used in pharmacy industry both for finished dosage form and ointments, and powders, which are made in a special section of pharmacy, as well as various vitamins and nutritional supplements.

Thermal labels are also used in pharmacology. As they have short lifespan, don't stand changing temperature regimes, and are used under conditions of room temperature, such labels are used for marking products with short shelf life. This is a wide range of products for external and internal use, syrups and tablets.
Every pharmacy label should contain the following information:

  • The name of the pharmacy.
  • The name of the drug.
  • The manufacturer.
  • The date of pricing.
  • Pharmacist’s Signature


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