Security self-adhesive hologram label Security self-adhesive hologram label

Security holograms are easy to use, and it is not possible to copy or counterfeit holograms with high level of security. Holograms protect a consumer from counterfeit, providing product authentication and defend product from tampering attempts.

Some companies which care about brand image and their prestige also use holograms as branding element.

Decoration holograms attract the customers's attention. Thanks to them your souvenir, business card or document will be noticeable and will not be lost among others.

The most economical option for small print runs are standard holographic stickers that have neutral backgrounds (circles, dots, and other nonspecific elements). We can give them individuality by applying a numbering or additional marking in the form of a logo or other elements. For printing images on standard holograms we use laser technology or special inks.
You can save a lot of money using this type of holographic printing because it does not need master-matrix producing.
Individual security holograms are more expensive then the money-saving holograms described above. The process of individual security holograms manufacturing includes the master-matrix producing. But its producing is very labour-consuming and expensive.

For our most money-saving clients we offer to produce so called “pseudo-holograms”. These stickers are printed on metallized materials in silver and gold colours, and they can be made in different sizes and shapes. Required information and images can be applied on their surface.

Would you like to order holograms for your company? Call us, send your e-mails and come to our office. Our experts will offer you detailed consultation and put in all their knowledge, experience and capabilities to make you profitable and interesting offer for the producting of holograms.

Holograms will combat counterfeiting and make your sales to increase.

Holograms will combat counterfeiting your brand and make your sales to increase.

According to statistics, one of every five goods on the global market is fake. The volume of counterfeit goods manufacturing is increasing every day that causes the manufacturers to suffer great losses. That is why the problem how to protect manufacturers is very important. Partly a hologram will help to solve it.

What is a hologram?

The word holography comes from the Greek words "holos" which means whole (full) and "graphe" – to write. That means that in literal translation the word "holography" can be interpreted as "writing of full information about the object". Using special printing equipment relief microstructures are applied on layer of metallized varnish, as a result the light put on the surface of the object is reflected with the colorful effect or bright glow effect. Microtext, numbering, codes can be hidden in the hologram that give almost 100 % elimination of forgery guarantee.

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