Self-adhesive multi-level reusable removable stickers Self-adhesive multi-level reusable removable stickers

What kinds of stickers can you order?
We have been manufacturing the labels products for many years and we are able to print anything you need, for example, stickers for advertising in passenger transport or on food and goods, stickers for temporary promotions, etc.
Because the stickers on self-adhesive materials are largely promotional products, they must be performed at a high level. Today our production base is provided with modern equipment to ensure accurate colour reproduction and to create really high quality picture.

Create multi-layer, removable, promotional stickers and reusable labelswith «Sticker»help.
Our company with great pleasure offers you joint development of unique self-adhesive printing products such as booklet labels, scratch off labels, promotional stickers and labels on white or coloured paper, on metalized paper and film, products with numbering, holograms and so on, based on special customer requirements.

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